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I was born to jam. Its in my blood .. I have been rockin out for my whole career jammin with some of the biggest bands in the world. I live in Buffalo and have played at some of the most kick ass venues in the NorthEast. The best experience I ever had was performing at bonaroo 2 years ago. What a fuckin experience that was!! That'll get your heart going. Nothing like seein all those people standing and cheering. All I need in life is some good wings, a guitar and my fans.

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Nothin' like h...
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Touring in Bar...
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A Performance ...
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Wild Bill! You look like you could have a wild time =] Love your music!
Monica Kirsch - 02/02/2012

I want to learn how to play the banjo! Can you teach me? You're great!
Christine Landry - 02/02/2012

how ya' doin' bill? Keep up the good work!
Clive Shades - 02/02/2012


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