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www.supermajormusic.com Adam Swiderski - guitar, vox Brian Bair - drums Sarah Engelke - keyboard, vox, glockenspiel Brooke Tarnoff - vox, tambourine, kitty-guitar Patrick Malone - bass Powerpop / Rock / Indie / Emo Dance Party http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITI2xjgL4O0 Description "Supermajor at that spike where their newest song was their best and their oldest song was its best yet, a “Sound the Alarm” especially pushed past ideal by Sarah Malinda Engelke's toned air-raid keyboard trance and Adam Swiderski's season-finale ax-murder. I only noticed his ripped jeans at the...

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    test http://vimeo.com/40824785 check out our newest video filmed by Atom Fellows! over a year ago
    test Next Show is Bitter End 5/23 at 9pm!!! Hope you can go!! :) over a year ago
    test Hey!! Thank you Josh for coming out!!:) over a year ago
    test Hey! We have a show coming up on 4/20 at Parkside Lounge at 9pm! Hope you can make it out for some good times! :) :) :) over a year ago
    test Video: I See You Clearing
    over a year ago
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    test Video: Supermajor - "I See You Clearing" Fan Clip
    over a year ago
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