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heyy! I love love love love food! I know what you're thinking,"She's a model and she loves food?!?!" YES! Food is my passion, I love eating at different restaurants and trying new foods. I also try to cook as well. Besides modeling, I also dance at numerous venues around New York. Dancing to a beat makes me feel so good! and it works off all that food I eat =]. And just like every other girl, I loveeee shopping! My goal in life is to be a promotional model at a huge dance concert. Along with that, I also want to dance there!

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You look great! I like those glasses!
Monica Kirsch - 02/02/2012

sasha, I like what I'm seeing!
Clive Shades - 02/02/2012

Howdy Sasha! Great picture you've got
Wild Bill - 02/02/2012


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