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Combining the intimacy of a piano based singer-songwriter with dark electronics and jazz harmonics: Brett Gleason’s music has been called ‘revolutionary‘ and garnered comparisons to a diverse array of artists like Trent Reznor, Tori Amos and Depeche Mode. From Brooklyn, NY by way of Long Island, Brett Gleason’s early life was hampered by a severe speech impediment, leading to a solitary childhood immersed in the arts. His struggle to communicate led to a mastery of multiple instruments and a fiction degree from the New School University in NYC. Both an out gay artist and bi-polar...

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A passionate article: 'The Dissonance EP' is a very dark, powerful, pop rock piano driven album with songs that cover the darkest emotions o More
The Catalyst Magazine - 11/06/2011

Because BG has a 'unique vision that deserves support' - leading gay blog, 'After Elton' has posted 'The Thawing' campaign and urged it's ma More
MTV Blog - 11/06/2011

I love your music! Where can I come see you perform ??
Sasha Hall - 03/22/2012


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