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I was born and raised in the New York City area and am the founder of TalentSplash.com –a talent network that provides an opportunity for talents of all types to build their careers and make a splash. Sparked by my decision to do something more meaningful with my career, help others and build upon my own childhood dreams of becoming a star on the big screen, I abandoned a career in real estate to launch TalentSplash.com. My mission is simple: to help promote musicians, bands, comedians, actors, models, screen writers, book authors and other entertainment-based talents get discovered....

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Splashdown wit...
Views: 625 | Splashes: 3
Uploaded 2/28/2013

Splashdown: Br...
Views: 490 | Splashes: 2
Uploaded 3/22/2013

Splashdown wit...
Views: 658 | Splashes: 2
Uploaded 2/1/2013

Splashdown Int...
Views: 681 | Splashes: 2
Uploaded 1/25/2013

Splashdown Int...
Views: 570 | Splashes: 1
Uploaded 1/17/2013

Splashdown Int...
Views: 560 | Splashes: 1
Uploaded 1/10/2013

Bette and I
Views: 1278 | Splashes: 1
Uploaded 9/14/2012

Kean Universit...
Views: 864 | Splashes: 0
Uploaded 3/20/2012

Listening to s...
Views: 821 | Splashes: 0
Uploaded 11/3/2011

Views: 1041 | Splashes: 0
Uploaded 11/3/2011

Me again
Views: 760 | Splashes: 0
Uploaded 11/3/2011

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hey Josh! splash me back!
Lauren Lebowitz - 11/03/2011

Thank you for the shoutout, it was so great to see you guys at the Living Room!!
Remy de Laroque - 11/16/2011

Hey! I was out to dinner tonight with a friend and there was this really great band playing! So I told them about the site and they said they were going to check it out!
Molly Newman - 03/14/2012


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