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Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley
Willing to Travel


Welcome to the world of Jeremy James, a musical odyssey that explores the ineffable power of memory through the unresolved tension of pain and vulnerability. In a compilation of fourteen tracks, James takes his audience from classic to the romantic and back. From this collage of songs, come “Well Be It As It May” featured in an HBO film “Life Support”, produced by Jamie Foxx and Queen Latifah”. “Imagine” from Showtime’s’ “Violation” movie and “CU” featuring Malik Yoba from Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married”. As a singer/ song –writer, vintage James surfaces when his virtuosity is given ample room to show itself. A steady pulse as subtext to soft sensual lyrics composed to expose and seduce. When James sings, you are transported because he is authentic and his music takes you to the source of your own love, peace and soul. James has traveled to Japan before when playing guitar and singing with bands like “Atlantic Starr”, “Angela Johnson” and others. Loving and missing his experience, always longing to return- only this time with his own music. “Suddenly I realize I’ve been writing my life through these songs.

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