Battle of the Bands: Welcome to the Spring 2012 TalentSplash "Battle of the Bands." Get ready for a Splashdown! 64 bands from around the world will be chosen to compete. Upload your video and join the contest today to have a chance to do battle and win $1,000 cash. The contest will be 6 rounds and if you are lucky enough to make it to the next round, you will be paired up against another noteworthy opponent. Winners advance based on votes and remember, you can only vote once per round per competition. Let the games begin!

Contest Open: October 1, 2012 / Contest Close: November 4, 2012 / Entry Types: Video / Prize: Win $1,000 Cash

Splash DOWNED!

This contest is over, but there'll be more soon. And a very hearty congratulations to the winner!