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The bard of Coney Island, Amos Wengler with guitar in hand, has stepped into every major event taking place in Brooklyn's Coney Island for years. He has provided epic poetry and songs appropriate for the various occasions. Amos performs each year for the Polar Bear Club's dip into the icy Atlantic Ocean, acts as pied piper for the opening of Coney Island and the summer's Mermaid Parade, entertains at the July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest, and participates in any cultural happening worthy of his talents. Aptly dubbed "The Coney Island Songwriter," Amos' original songs and songwriting skills are...

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The Ferris Whe...
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John Lennon Day
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Save Coney Isl...
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The Mermaid Pa...
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Amos, your Music is inspiring. I hope to see you performing soon!
Sasha Hall - 02/04/2012


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